Scrub & Contour Combo


The Body Scrub can be used all over as an effectively gentle exfoliator. It removes dead, flaky skin, leaving it feeling smooth, clean, fresh and primed for your Body Lotion, Body Butter or Body Contouring Cream. It encourages circulation, and prepares the area for maximum absorption.

If targeting cellulite and stretch marks, used in conjunction with the Body Contouring Cream, this is an effective combination, as results can start showing within your first week of diligent use, and a “MUST HAVE” for the summer beach body!

For best results, apply the Body Scrub to the affected area of the body BEFORE turning the shower on, (dry scrub) to obtain maximum friction, and massage it into the affected areas. Rinse off as you would rinse off soap in the shower.

Once dry, massage in a generous portion of Body Contouring Cream into the targeted areas.
Be sure to take measurements, and before and after photos to mark your progress. Cellulite is also affected by the amount of exercise you do, and how much water you drink to flush out toxins, as well as your diet. Fizzy drinks will make it worse, fresh water will make it improve. Fatty fries will make it worse, fresh veggies and fruit will make it improve.

Ideally used every day in the shower, and morning and night for the Contouring Cream to obtain best results.

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